Brittany + James: Traverse City Destination Wedding

James and I have known each other for a while both through the world of watches (we are both slightly obsessed..) and photography, he is a talented wedding photographer here in Chicago.

When Brittany and James announced their engagement I was excited to come on board as I was in Traverse City, Michigan photographing horses during the month of July.  It was a pretty perfect situation!  For their first look, they chose an amazing spot, Traverse City Whiskey Company!  Apparently they walked in while up in traverse city doing site visits the same day the distillery opened to the public, and they were lucky to get bottle number THREE off their production line. Well, I had to ask if they had any other bottle number 3’s available, and when there the distillers had just released a few hours before a new barrel aged whiskey.  Bottle # 3. Fate.

Watches. For their exchanged gifts, watches were clearly the solution.  James gave Brittany a piece from Shinola, her absolute favorite brand and it expands her collection of the Detroit made timepieces.  Brittany did the most awesome thing though, and gave James a custom watch from Chicago-based watchmaker and all around great small business Astor + Banks!

Their wedding was fantastic, held at a local brewery/restaurant/inn right on the waterfront on the idyllic Old Mission Peninsula.  We had some time to head up the coastline toward the mission light house, and made some stops along the way for some epic photos!

Photographing another photographer’s wedding is never an easy task, but I have to say, this wedding was special, and so are my good friends James & Brittany. Enjoy!

Collin Pierson is a lifestyle and destination wedding photographer as well as fashion/editorial photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. After working for newspapers, professional sports, and in his own studio Collin created a style that is both candid and dramatic. Collin's passionate and personalized approach toward his profession and clients is reflected in the images he captures of their life-defining moments. When he isn't traveling the world taking photos and finding new inspirations, he loves to photograph horses and take in all that Chicago has to offer.

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