Fine Art Horses: A new offering from Collin Pierson Photography

Horses.  Definitely not weddings. Not portraits. Not Fashion.  Not Runway.  Over the past year and a half I have gotten know the equestrian world via my fiancee, and photographed her and many of these beautiful, powerful animals and the talented equestrians that compete with them at horse shows across the country.

For me as a photographer, incorporating what I do as an artist has led to a little bit of a niche for myself at these shows.  I love photographing the power, beauty, and individuality of these animals.  After a while, people started asking me to take photos of their horses at these events, and it is super fun for me!  At future horse shows, and in my travels, I am happy to offer these sessions for those who would love to see the artistic approach to horse portraits!

I have had the chance to travel to gorgeous locations all over the country from the heart of horse country in Lexington, Kentucky to our nation’s capital in Washington, D.C.! What I have learned is that the relationship between horse and rider is a really special one, and that the time and effort it takes of both horse and riders is enormous. Capturing candid moments between rounds or at the barn to moments in the ring are both a privilege and a pleasure. I am finding that horses are one of the most interesting subjects to shoot. They have emotion, opinions and plenty to say.

Contact me today to learn more about portrait sessions available both at farms and away at shows. Can’t wait to see you at horse shows! 

Collin Pierson is a lifestyle and destination wedding photographer as well as fashion/editorial photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. After working for newspapers, professional sports, and in his own studio Collin created a style that is both candid and dramatic. Collin's passionate and personalized approach toward his profession and clients is reflected in the images he captures of their life-defining moments. When he isn't traveling the world taking photos and finding new inspirations, he loves to photograph horses and take in all that Chicago has to offer.

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