Wedding Planning Advice During COVID-19

There is no advice that I could give as a photographer that would replace the anxiety that many are feeling about planning a wedding during these incredibly challenging times. However, your wedding is going to be special, and one of the most important days of your life, so an encompassing theme should be to stay positive, and keep planning!

Lara & Fiore at the Villa Terrace in Milwaukee, WI

• Photographers are frankly one of the most important vendors on your wedding day. We are the documentarians, the ones that help you permanently capture the memories and moments from your wedding, even after the cake has been eaten and the drinks are done pouring. Your wedding photos are a tangible way to look back, whether it be an online gallery, or via wedding album. Because of this, we tend to book fairly far in advance. Add on top of that the 2020 weddings we are all striving to reschedule, and you get a schedule that will be very full for 2021. My advice would be to schedule your FaceTimes, Zooms, smoke signals, whatever it may be with the photographers you love now, because the closer we get to 2021, the less dates available. 

• Ask questions! We as photographers are creative-brained individuals, so, don’t be afraid to ask how we approach weddings, about our style, and our business as well. How many weddings does that photographer do per year? I only do on average 14-16 weddings (more in 2021) which allows me to stay fresh, and provide a more personalized approach for my clients. Some companies do many more weddings a year, so take that in to account. Another incredibly important question is about a photographer’s comfort level in challenging situations. For me, a rainy day, shortened timeline, or even a snow storm are opportunities to tell the story of your wedding day, and create something truly unique. Asking a photographer about their comfort in challenging situations can give you a greater level of comfort. 

• Coronavirus – Contract – Conversations. I know, it isn’t the most fun of topics, but we as wedding vendors want to put your minds at ease as we all go through this time. Many photographers, including myself, are offering wedding dates with a “backup date.” Book your wedding, and if for some reason your event cannot be held on the primary date, there is already a backup date with a soft hold.  Some photographers are putting in special clauses for contracts that relate to a virus or government mandate. It is important to learn about these provisions, and have a discussion. We all hope to be back, photographing beautiful weddings in 2021, but it is always good to have the knowledge and comfort with your photographer that they will be right there with you, willing to figure out the best course of action.

Collin Pierson is a lifestyle and destination wedding photographer as well as fashion/editorial photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. After working for newspapers, professional sports, and in his own studio Collin created a style that is both candid and dramatic. Collin's passionate and personalized approach toward his profession and clients is reflected in the images he captures of their life-defining moments. When he isn't traveling the world taking photos and finding new inspirations, he loves to photograph horses and take in all that Chicago has to offer.

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